Tables not communicating

My first table is a form where I enter data.
The second table is a registry for the data entered in the first table.
No biggy but my table won’t “talk” to eachother…

What are you expecting them to say to each other? :thinking:

The usual way to create a link between two tables is to create a relation.

To create a relation, you need a column in one table that contains values that will match the values in a column in the second table.

Do you have that?

Im a total rookie.
I have a form in one table where I enter data such as name, image, description…
When I save I get the notification but when I go to the second table I do not get the information from my data entries. I see them in the rows in my excel sheet for th first table but they don’t convert to the second table.
Does this make any sense at all?

Not exactly, no :slight_smile:

If you want data to show up in the second table, then you need to do something to make that happen.
What is the purpose of the second table?
Maybe if you could show me a screen shot of each table?
That might help provide a little more context.

Sure. In excel or the data editor?

From the Glide Data Editor, please. That’s where all the action happens :wink:

So the first one in where the data actually gets entered and shows in the table. I made a form button and this is entered in a form called Ny dryck. (Im from sweden =) )

The second table is the “library” where I want to see the data I entered in the form.
My thought is that I can use this app to track and remember drinks I like.

I see. So when you add a row to the first table via a form, you want a row containing the exact same data to appear in the second table, yes?

The simple way to do this is to use an onSubmit action with your form that adds a row to the second table.

But I have to ask the question - why on earth do you need two copies of the same data?

I don’t. I need the data from the form to “appear” in the “library”. For storage. And I want to mark favorites so their easy to find again (sorry for my spelling)

Can you not use the first table as your Library?

Of course but how?
As I can see it right now its easier for me to use the list I have and add form “allow users to add items” and scrap the first form in total.

I got it too work…!

Do you have time for my second problem?

Ask away.

Just one thing I noticed - your second table (Alla drycker) appears to be your Users table. You probably don’t want to be adding rows to that table.

I saw that too. I want the Uncorked window to be the usertable.
Is it just to switch?

You can change that by going to Settings → Users & Authentication, and then click on Edit User Profiles

You need to ensure that your Uncorked table has at least 3 columns:

  • Name: a text type column
  • Email: an email type column
  • Image: an image type column

Great. Afk right know but I’ll be back in an hour and then I’ll try that.
Did you have time for one mire issue?

Yes. And if I don’t, I’m sure somebody else will try and help.

You guys are amazing.
I would like to have every user to be personal and I managed to make that with row owner.
But something happens and this function dissappeared.
Where should I place the row owner and where should I place the “ownership”?