Tables not communicating

Okay, you will need to apply Row Owners in two tables.

  • In your User Profiles table (Uncorked), the Email column should have Row Owners applied (you actually only need this if you don’t want users to be able to see each other)
  • In your Library table, you will need an Email column, and this should have Row Owners applied. To get each users email into that table, you can use the “users email” special value with your form. See below:

Ok. So if I get this correctly I need to make the email column as row owner in the table for users (hopefully I managed to make that happen) and this will make each login personal to that specific user and the entries will be for just that user?
And if I do this I won’t need to do option 2?

Regarding row owners…

No, no.

The login will be “personal” for each user regardless of whether you have row owners or not.

Let me explain what Row Owners does.

When a table has row owners applied, then that restricts the data that gets downloaded to a users device, and each user will only get rows of data that they are an “owner” of.

So using your Users table as an example - if you apply Row Owners to that table, then each user will get only one row. You don’t necessarily need this - it just depends if you want users to be able to see and interact with each other via your App.

Where you do need Row Owners is in your Library table. By applying row owners to this table you can be sure that each user will only have access to those rows that they have added.

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Ok. The I’ll try that when I’m back at the computer.
I managed to do that yesterday but when I opened the app this morning it was gone. :upside_down_face:

@Darren_Murphy I’ll try that and hopefully I get it right otherwise I might have to holler back :slightly_smiling_face:

Okay. If you get stuck, then screen shots are always helpful.
We can tell a lot just by looking at a screen shot of your table.

Great. Tnx for now.
Have a good day/night!

So… I’m back :face_with_peeking_eye:

I added a “Allow users to add items” and it opens a form for data entry but it just turns up in the excel-sheet not in the actual app…

Your email column is empty. Open your Add Form, then add a new component. Look for Special Value components and add the Email component. That will automatically fill the email when you submit the form.


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