Glide Table: Reference Tables OR Combining two Tables into One

Hi Folks,
I need some help please, and hope this is easy to solve - you know when you just look at something for too long!
I’m getting used to the new Glide Tables, and loving how responsive they are. (I just wish there was a feature to Migrate the columns from an existing Sheet (supported by Google) to a Glide Table to save time creating many columns and settings (but that is for another time)! :slight_smile:

Alas, the issue I am facing is as follows:

  1. I have a Recipe Glide Table - All users can access the pre-loaded Recipes (Done)
  2. I have a User_Recipe Glide Table - Controlled by Email Row Owner where users can access their own recipes (Done)
  3. I need a Combined view of the Recipe Names in 1) and 2) in a new Glide Table - How do I do this? as there is no reference linking the two tables.

Previously, I would use an Arrayformula to achieve this in Google Sheets and build up the list of Recipe Names from the two sheets in a “Combine” sheet. Ideally there would be a way for me to save to two or more different Tables in the Glide form to Achieve this?
Or, is there a way to somehow combine Table 1) and 2) above into One table? Not sure this is possible due to the Email being the Row Owner for one of them, so would never get Recipes for 1) displaying?

I hope this in not too ambiguous. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated!
PS. Did I mention I’m loving the performance of Glide Tables? :heart_eyes:

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I think your best bet is to present them in a details view, with two inline lists on top of each other. Would it work?

Sadly not as the “Combined” table will have rollups done across the recipe macros depending on what recipes the user selects for the meal plan for the day. I ideally need to have 1 table to drive everything but applying the Email row owner for the User specific recipes that scupper this.

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Do row owners block the row from being viewed if the email column is left blank?

Correct. Row Owner only exposes the data where the Email is populated.
If Row Owner could be added to the If-Then-Else column type, then this would make the table super flexible in terms of exposing the rows you want.
It looks like it is actually geared up for it - just need the option to be added :wink:

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