Glide Table Row Limits & Import

Thank you @Mark. Could you please describe the technical limitation a bit more to avoid any doubt? It’s probably easier to use a likely scenario:
Users: 5000+

  1. Recipe Table = 50000+ rows (assuming each user creates 10 personal recipes).
  2. Ingredients Table = 25000+ rows (assuming each user adds 5 ingredients)
  3. User Profile Table = 5000 (1 per user)
  4. User Progress Table = 50000+ (assuming each user adds 10 weeks worth of weight loss progress)

Total = 130000 rows for App (obviously not from day 1)

User can Access:

  1. 50 Recipes (40 Public available to everyone and 10 created by the user) - No Row Owner, Filter applied to table
  2. 360 Ingredients (350 Public available, 10 created user) - No Row Owner, Filter applied to table
  3. 1 User Profile
  4. 10 User Progress

Total = 421 rows accessed by User

Question 1: Based on the numbers above, would this app be possible and well clear of the technical limitation?

Question 2: I have to apply a filter (as opposed to using Row Owner) to limit the data for Ingredients and Recipes based on their Email. From a Technical perspective, will this enjoy the same benefit as if I was using Row Owners?

Regarding Row Owner - on my recent post about RowOwners in Glide Tables (Glide Table: Reference Tables OR Combining two Tables into One) I am unable to use Row Owners in its current form.

Apologies for the lengthy response, but I think this will help clarify what the limitations mean in practical terms.
Thank you again for all your help.