Would Make Array work for appending items from 2 seperate sheets

I have two google sheets. Sheet 1 is ‘Plan A Members’ and Sheet 2 is ‘Plan B members’. I want to create a Glide table that takes certain columns from both sheets to make a list of all members. Would make array be the way to go and how do I accomplish this.

Can you explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve? Are you trying to create a table with rows from two other tables combined? So if Table A has 10 rows and Table B has 10 rows, then you expect Table C to have 20 rows of combined data from tables A and B? Or are you just trying to create a single array of values from both tables into a new table with a single row? How do you intend to display the data? In an inline list, or just a string of text?

I want to create a Table C with 20 rows of combined data. The data will be displayed using an inline list. Thanks for helping me with this.

That gets tricky. There are ways to do it with a glide table, but you would have to establish rows for the maximum number of users you would ever have, and it’s a bit of a process to get the data and transpose it from an array in a single row into multiple rows. It’s not a very scalable solution.

Instead, I would probably recommend a google sheet formula to do it. Something like this.


That should work to combine the data, but I would recommend making sure that you don’t have any editable values in that new table because rows will shift around on you when new users are added to either of the existing user tables. That could cause any columns that are not created from the formula to be mis-aligned.


Got it. Thank you very much!

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