Combine / join tables

I have two tables i’m looking to display as one. Both are calendar lists with dates; one is entered by users in the app, the other is imported from a google sheet which takes it from an HTML data source. I want to be able to show a calendar to users with both user entered and imported dates.

Possible approaches - but I cant do any of them!

  1. Scheduled refresh of google data to glide table
  2. SQL type ‘full join’ where users add to the glide table but the displayed data is combined
  3. Show two lists…but this is terrible for the user who doesnt really care where the calendar entry came from

I would try to set up a scheduled automation to take rows from Google Sheets and add them to the Glide Table. Would save you some headache.

That makes sense. There is definitely some complexity with a table join. How would you do that? Make? Or does that option exist in glide?

I would use Make. Fetch all rows, or search & filter by the condition you need, then push them to Glide Tables using the API.

Thanks. I’ll have a try

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