How to join data from two tables into a third

Working with a crowd sourced google Sheets spreadsheet as the main data source. Basically, tab 1 of the sheet is everyone who works in location 1 for the business and tab 2 is the same info for those who work in location 2. I can’t add sheets to the Sheets spreadsheet to use a function to join them, so I was hoping there was some way in a third table, a Glide Table, to basically merge the two sheets. My goal, ultimately is to display one unified collection, instead of two separate collections.

Each row in the two sheets has a unique number, and I tried manually adding all of the numbers from the two sheets into row 1 of a glide table and then relating. But, of course, that didn’t work because I now have two rows, instead of two tables, but it didn’t get me closer to my goal.

Thoughts on how/if this is possible?

Maybe this thread can help:

Concatenate columns

(You might want to concatenate RowIDs)

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