Merge info from 2 columns in Glide


Quick question - what’s the best way to merge info that exists in 2 separate columns in Glide?

Column 1 is actually an array column in Glide that contains email addresses (all addresses live in Google Sheet in similar columns and thus appear as an array column)

Column 2 is a lookup type column in Glide that retrieves additional email addresses from another table.

I want to combine all these email addresses into a 3rd column and set it as row owner.

Any advice?


This is not possible at the moment. Row owners can’t be computed columns (lookup within Glide)—you’d have to do this lookup within Google Sheets and add it to your array column.

In some situations, I don’t think it’s possible to join arrays to arrays, but I think you could do it if you first create a Joined List column with a comma delimiter to replace the Lookup column, then create a Template column to join your individual sheet columns into a comma delimited list, along with the Joined List column. That should give you a comma delimited list if all emails combined. Finally you can create a Split Text column to turn that template column back into an array.

Edit: Missed the part about wanting to use this for row owners. Definitely not possible for that use case.

Still can’t use this for row owners though…

@Robert_Petitto missed that part of the original question. Updated my post.

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Thanks for the info!
Saved me hours of going in circles.
I think I’ll try to solve it via the Google sheet then because the end goal is to create a row owner column.

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