1 user = 1 table airtable

Hello everybody
I’m very new in glide, and i love it
i use airtable and i have 10 differents tables
I also have one table with users, and i would like to link table1 with user1 and table2 with user2 and ect … :slight_smile:
what is the best practice to setup that please
thank in advance

You can do it with a lot of visibility conditions on different tabs and possibly multiple conditions in custom actions. But a structure like that is going to create a lot of extra work because you are going to have to recreate everything 10 times. Once for each user.

I would recommend merging similar data into similar tables so you don’t create a bunch of extra work for yourself. Proper use of Row Owners, Filters, and possibly User Specific Columns will still give each of your users a unique experience without the headache of having to maintain 10 versions of everything.

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hello thank for the answer, i understand that i have to use the same table and use row owner thanks
i dont understand what can i set automatically email when i submit a form to my email and how can i show this submission only to the user that submit it,

one user submit a form, i need to match this submission to his email, and show him only these submission

how can i do please ? :slight_smile: i dont find any tutorials to set that

Add an email column and record the user’s email when submitting a form, then use the relation column to relate these emails to the user’s table.

You can use special value components in the form to automatically fill an email column with the email of the signed in user. Then you can apply row owners to that email column. The user will only see their own data as long as you use row owners.


thank all,

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