How to creat a user account?

I work in Marketing and I would like to create different user accounts and have each client have their own data.

My question is: How to create multiple user accounts ?

Thanks !

Glide will create it automatically, just add log in button

As UZO said, when they log in, an account will be created for them… In order for them to have their own data, you need to implement Row Owners on the data that is not shared. Some Tables will be shared with all users (like categories, etc.), and others will be just for that user.

It’s not hard to implement; the table you want to sub-divide will have to have an email address (owner column) that corresponds to the email of the logged-in user, and then set that column as “Row Owner”. Glide does the rest.

Is the standard best practice to have user accounts include relations that include data or to use row owners in tables? Or both.

In the former you would have # of relations in the USER profile table with user specific data (e.g. rel->MyData where col1 equals user->email). Would you have access to this relation data where ever you are in Glide (accessible via user profile) like basic columns?

If you want your data to be secure and completely inaccessible to users that don’t own the data, then definitely use row owners. Relations will not protect data.

No, I would not establish several relations from the user table to other tables. It will not provide access to individual columns in the relation unless you create multiple lookup columns as well. I think it would end up being a headache to do it that way. If data security was not important, it would be easier to create a relation from your other tables to the user table and use lookups to bring the information you need into the other tables.

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