Airtable and Multiple Row Owners

How do add multiple row owners when using Airtable as the data source? Do I have to have a row for each owner? In Airtable I have my ‘row owners’ as a linked field from the user table or I have ‘row owners’ as a multi drop down. Looks like from what I am reading I have to create something else for it to work with Glide. I have read everything I can find but honestly it is all very confusing and no I am not an idiot. If I can figure out Airtable Glide should be pretty easy.

You need a column for each owner. You could do an Owner 1 and Owner 2, but it might work to just use a multiple choice column of the user’s email addresses.

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Super helpful! Thank you. I could have sworn I tried that but maybe not. Will try again. Great idea with the formula for the row owners as we will have two admin that will be on every row :slight_smile:

Happy to help!

My multi select drop down does not show up in my Glide app. Any ideas?

Wait, I bet this has to do with me not having the pro version on this app. I had another app that had the pro version. I was told by support to downgrade that app, and that I would have credits on my account at which point I would be able to upgrade the new version of the app. I downgraded the other one but have no credits. Am currently stuck as the features I need are in the pro version. Which is paid for and on my account. Any ideas? Maybe delete the other app?

I would not delete an app without first talking to support. That is probably not the solution anyway, as now we have the feature to UNPUBLISH.

Ya, don’t delete. Did you want to hop on a call so I can see what’s happening?