How to add a choice component to a form that gets its data column from the user profile

How to add a choice component to a form that gets its data column from the user profile?

You mean you want to point the choice component to a choice list that belongs to the User Profiles table?


You should be able to point the choice component to any tables, what is the problem here?

There is no option to choice the user profile table e.g

In the visibility or filter you can point it the user profile table

This is an example of what I am doing. It is showing just four levels but you can add as many levels as you want and move levels and even delete levels.

What I want to do is make that choice component point to the user profile Table but at the moment I can only point it to the same table that I am using for any level.

So you mean you want to write that value to the user profiles table right? As you have pointed out you can only write to the row you are viewing, unless you add a set column action to write to other tables.

Yes I want the choice component to write to the user profile table.How do I add a set column to write to other tables?

You could do that through a single relation.
Target the choice component at a user specific column in the current sheet, and then do a set columns through a relation when the form is submitted.

Where I’m using this choice component I’m not actually about to submit the form. I’m viewing only. All that the choice component is doing is depending what is selected will show different items in the list e.g clients, houses, medial etc

For example if I change the choice component to me medical I would see

So for any level I can get it just to show what the choice component is filtering

Okay, so if you’re just using it as a filter, why do you need to write the value to your User Profiles?

Because when I’m going through the levels I need it to the last value that was chosen. At the moment because it’s on my group level table and I go into another level the filter value maybe different because every group has it’s own value. Something I want to avoid. Also the fact if 2 or more users are using the app at the same time it would be rather annoying with the filter set being set for that level by whoever set it last

Okay, I get it.

What I would do is set it as part of the action on each list item.
So when a user taps on a list item, set the value through a single relation to your User Profiles table.
It should then be available to use at the next level.

You’ll still need a user specific column on each of your group level tables, as well as a single relation column back to your User Profiles table. The easiest way to do this is to create a template column and fill it with the signed in UserID, and use that to create the relation.

I will give this all a try. Have yet to learn how to do actions and templates

Something like this:

And then this:

I tried that and even though I could see the data I couldn’t get the choice component to point to it

That wasn’t the idea of the relation. The idea of the relation was to allow you to set the value in the user profiles sheet so that you could retrieve it at the next group level. Isn’t that what you were trying to achieve?

It’s not possible to directly update a column in a table other than the one you’re currently viewing, so the only way to achieve that is via a single relation.

Based on my understanding, this is what I’m visualising:

  • You’re viewing Group A, and you have a choice component that writes to a user specific column in Table A
  • The records in Table A are being filtered according to the choice selection, and presented as some sort of inline list
  • When a user selects a record in the list, the following happens:
    • The value in the user specific column is written to a column in the user profiles table, via the single relation
    • The user is taken to the next level, Group B
    • The value that was just set is now used to pre-filter the records in Group B

Does that accurately describe what needs to happen?

For each group level I use the filter to hide and show the various lists and add buttons on the form using the visibility option in each component. The group list is always visible

This is my screen

The choice component which does the filter brings up the list
to choose which list is to be visible

If I could pass the filter value into the next level I go down I will be happy with that but I’m not sure how to do it.

That’s kinda what I described, but I’m probably misunderstanding.
Can you elaborate on what you mean by “next level down”?
How does a user get to the next level?
Is that by choosing an item from an inline list, or opening a form, or?