Columns special value available outside of a form

We currently only are able to use columns in a form. Forms add new rows which most of the time I am trying to avoid. I would like to track/link information in other ways by using columns between two apps from the same sheet.

You lost me on this one. You need to give us an example of what you are talking about. I link columns from one sheet to another all the time. And use two apps pointed to the same spreadsheet, and sheets within, to display in different ways or allow editing and or adding in one app or the other. Tell us a detailed use case as to what you are trying to accomplish.

If the user has put in their "profile ’ that they are associated with an institution/company for example, I would like to use that info without it being re-entered . If they put information into the app, I would like to carry that value from the profile with the columns component. this is only possible with forms.

Where else in the app would you want to display that info? If you wanted to for instance display all of the people from a given institution/company. You would first create a sheet with the unique values of that institution/company from the profiles sheet. Then you would set up a relation on that institution/company sheet back to the profiles sheet setting the multi flag. They you would have a list of institution/companies that you can click on and it would show you who is associated with that particular company. There would be no redundant keying in of data. Is that the kind of thing you are looking for?

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