Can users upload more than 1 image and note?

I am creating an employee app for a construction company. There is a sheet with a list of all current jobs as a list, then a detail page with specific job information. I want all/any employee (signed-in users) to be able to add images from the job as well as notes.
They will need to add multiple notes and images as the job goes on. I am not seeing a way to do this as each job name is in Column A and Images in Column E, but each job only has 1 row.
I tried the image picker, but it looks like there can only be 1 image. The image carousel doesn’t seem to be the right option either as I don’t see a way to add new images to different columns from user-uploaded images.
I am attaching an image here of my spreadsheet. I really appreciate any help. This is my first app.

Make a new sheet, have a common value between two sheets (let’s say unique ID for the job), then let people upload their images and notes in the new sheet and use a relation to display all of them in an inline list in the original one.

Ok. That sounds awesome. I will try that. Thank you.
When I create that new sheet will it allow me to do more than 1 upload. Right now it only overwrites the existing image.

In your original tab, make a form button that collects these types of information writing to the new tab:

  • Unique job ID (via Columns, make sure you have that in the original tab as well for the relation), or any unique field for the job (name, etc.) if they have one already.

  • Upload user’s email (via current user’s email field)

  • Image picker (store it in a new image column)

  • Notes/text entry (store it in a new notes column)

Each entry will eat up a new row though so be careful if you’re on a free plan.

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Thank you so much. I think I got it! :grin:


If you have any further questions feel free to add them in this forum, and have a nice day :smile:

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