Copy Row for Relation

I have a few pages that relation to each other.
How to make it when click one button automatic copy row in all sheets that have relation to it?

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You wanna copy a whole row? and what do you wanna do afterwards?

Whole row.
Sheet 1: customer details
Sheet 2 : items (which one to many to sheet 1)

This is only an example because there’s another sheets.

I need to copy let say the running number i created has changed.

Sorry, but I still don’t understand what you wanna do

Hmm my question is how add the whole row the item that have relation in other sheet.
For example in image below. If i wish to add row/copy at M-Front on Quotation Number GE-2108-0258.Rev.0 ,

how to make automatically add in second sheet (M-Items) which it will automatically added two lines that have GE-2108-0258.Rev.0

  • Make sure your current screen is based on the source sheet (so that you have direct access to all the columns you need)
  • Then create a custom action sequence with two Add Row actions
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Hmmm. To add row for M-Front is no problem.
But to add row to relation sheet which in this case M-Items is impossible because you can see image below:

If you need to use values from another table in your Add Row action, then you’d need to first “import” those values into the current table using Lookups via a relation, or Single Value columns, or whatever is appropriate.


Of course value from another table since ive asked the relation to add row.
You mean doing lookup one by one column right? hmm i think its very messed up since a lot column & calculation in each sheet. Imagine i had like 5 sheets. hmmm

yes, one by one.
There might be (and probably is) a more efficient way to get what you want, but I don’t know enough about your app or how your tables are laid out to be able to advise any further.

My apps was doing quotation generation which include automated calculation.

First image below, shows the Quotation number which have revision number at last.
Zero means new. I need it to be revised . it will change revision 1 for first revised. For example it will be GE-2108-0258-Rev.1.

To be revised the old quotation number should remain the same .
And revision 1 should be same at first & user can edit the details inside.
So, it need to be copied all details from revision 0 to be 1.