Copy Row Script

Do you guys have idea in Apps script on Google Sheet,

I’ve a few pages with respective details for each quotation number.
How to Copy and Paste specific rows from specific sheets to its same sheet at the bottom(after last row) when condition is met.

Like to copy the details on quotation GE-2108-0271-Rev.0 in few pages and paste the row at the bottom in the same sheet?

Page 1: to be exact i need the number increment by 1 from GE-2108-0271-Rev.0 to GE-2108-0271-Rev.1

Page 2:
let say got 3 items

Page 3:
Let say got 1 item

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custom triggered script… about 1 hour to make it

hmmmm i see, glad if you could help

this one is beyond a free help… for me or my team… please wait, there is so many experts here that might have a ready solution or spare time… I can take this task only as a contract.

My idea in Glideapps was adding row action in a screen but adding row for all have relations with in other sheets.
Let me know if you have any other idea.

can you rephrase the question?.. you wanna add a row for more than one sheet?.. if yes… you can add another action “add row” if you don’t know how many sheets, then it have to be a custom script

Let say, now, i’m in “M-Front” sheet

I need it all pages which have relation with that quotation copy the entire row.

The problem is, in order to add row in other sheet,

We have to lookup each column for each sheet which it is very messed up.

I have like 5 pages with respective details.

I understand that in your mind, the question since like obvious… but from the outsider’s point of view… I don’t see a question… and I do understand it might be a complex App… If you can simplify the question to basics, that someone who doesn’t see the actual app and GS and is willing to spent hours to grind into it, will undestand

Like, how to add row using one button for all pages/sheets which have relations with current screen/current details/current row.

It is clear question or still no?

that brings us back to my question before… it is a 1 add row or add row to multiple sheets?

its like copy row from its sheet and paste from its own sheet.

if is only one sheet…and you wanna copy first row and paste to a last new open row???

basically , add row to multiple sheet.
But i cannot simply saying for adding row because we didnt have options to add row for relation details .

you can ad values from relations… you can add multiple rows as long number of sheets is not variable…for any other option, you need custom script

You meant i have to know how many sheets i have ?

you have to have sheets that you you gonna be adding rows to it before composing action to add a row

Yes i have.
Let say now i’m now in “M-Front” screen.

How to add row when we are in “M-Front” at “M-Item”

I need to copy all three items since it relation with “M-Front”

Because to add row in other sheet the details is no have unless we lookup each column right ?

ok… you are making me working hard for free… LOL
so my conclusion is… You wanna copy 3 rows from a sheet to another sheet?


Glideapps should allow to add row with its relation :weary:

I need to add row that 3 items from its sheet to its own sheet