๐Ÿ†• Increment a column through a relation

You can now increment a column through a relation. This saves some columns to pre-calculate a value then set it through a set column action, the way we did it before.


Hooray! Itโ€™s been in staging for the past week. Excited to see this. Itโ€™s going to make a huge difference in any gamification app.


Yeeas! Iโ€™ve used this days ago :fire::fire:


@ThinhDinh Did you check if the same can be done even on a multiple relation or is it only for single relation?

Does anyone has a example - maybe in a demo app?

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Example: push a button on one screen (sourced from a challenges sheet, letโ€™s say) and then increment a playerโ€™s point total in the userโ€™s sheet when completing that challenge.

Next it would be great if the increment action could be used across multiple columns, like set columns. Iโ€™m using multiple increment actions to take dynamic values from a set of user specific columns and adding them to an existing set of columns in another table with data coming from all the users. I canโ€™t use set columns or rollups because of the row/column setup.

I have the same Lutherโ€™s question: can that relation be multiple??


An answer for you is I donโ€™t seem to have the ability to select a multiple relation in that action.

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