Increment action via single relation

Possibility to increase values form others tables in compounded actions. Same as set column when using simple relations but with increment action.

Set Column and Increment are two separate actions. I think what you mean is Increment via a Single Relation, yes?

Yes, I agree this would be a useful feature. Although there are current workarounds for this. eg. Use a Lookup to retrieve the current value, then a math column to calculate the incremented value, and finally a Set Columns to effect the “increment” using the math column value.


I’ve asked for this too!

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Yes ! But while doing the workaround another instance can enter in-between and give a false result. Direct increment would be super!


Bumping this.


If you are still looking for a workaround you could use an integromat scenario and increment a set variable module by 1 every run

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I’ve found that math+set column via relation is the quickest workaround, but it’s a few extra unneeded columns and not intuitive.


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