Increment Stopped?

Is the increment working with you guys?
It stopped working completely. Any bug? Or update?

Checking in to say it’s the same here.

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Working for me… hm

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It’s Stopped in all my apps. It’s not working :pensive:

@Edson_Rodrigo Could you please share your app and tell me how to reproduce the problem?

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Hi Mark, if it helps as well here’s my app link:

When you sign in, press the “News” button, it will lead you to this screen.

The first button is supposed to increase by 1 unit a column I use for navigation, the second is decrease by 1. It does not react when I push the button now.

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Hello Mark, this is my app and when you click on finish it is TAB some, and you finish the login. However, the increment is not working.

It’ll be fixed in about an hour. Sorry for the trouble.


No worries Mark, thanks for the quick response!

Thank you!

Hello Mark
Yesterday the increment action did not work for me.
Today it works correctly.
That feature is already final? I mean, isn’t it in test mode?
I ask because I am making an ordering app that works exclusively with the increment action.

The feature is final. That’s not a promise that we’ll never have any bugs associated with it, but we’ll fix them as quickly as possible :wink: