Menu Accordion

Testing some new features, I decided to create a Menu Accordion using our new Increment action.

Remembering we can customize it using images also! Tell me what you think :grin:

This app I’ll test and also create some new features with glide’s lasts updates. Soon I bring more updates about it

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Ooo slick!

So…does increment do inverse? 1 or -1? If 1 then show and if -1 then hide?

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Hadn’t thought of that! Nice use of increment!

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@Robert_Petitto thinking here, I had already requested for a feature where we can know when a user click in a button or something… like a link to open a download page, or something we need some requests to access…

Maybe with this feature, some rollups columns and visibility we can create it! Gotta test also :grin:

Isn’t it still a user-specific value? As far as I aware you can only do something with those values by writing it to your sheet via a form, or is there any trick I can’t wait to learn here? :grin:


Right. I was going to say that you’re using increment as a user-specific value. No rollups … yet.

Even so, the button action is tied to increment, not to link…so can’t have both access a link and increment to show if a user clicked it.

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Yeah, but in a specific cenario, I’d like to ability something only when a user click, but now with increment, user specific n’ visibility we can

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The ideia to use rollups is to glide knows there was incremented 1 click in that specific button, that could be in a product detail page. But we also can use user specific

And couldn’t miss See All section

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This will make a great template.


Worked! @Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh Now I can improve some apps with this new feature :star_struck:

Increment + User Specific + Discrement (Cancel Download button)

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If we had an option with Increment + Open link, would be better

Or, Add Action in the same component :exploding_head:

  • Imagine we incrementing and opening a link in one button, or
  • Zapier action and Link to Screen

But confess the first option is a way better

@Lucas_Pires @Robert_Petitto @ThinhDinh , I’m considering using this technique with an FAQ list within my app. Currently I’m just using an inline list with show details action.

If I understand what’s going on here correctly, it seems that I’d need to manually add a new button with associated config each time I add a new item to my FAQ list.

Is that a correct understanding? ie. It wouldn’t be possible to setup in such a way that new buttons automagically appear when a new item is added?


Hello @Robert_Petitto! In fact, in a community of no code in Latin America we had already discovered this a few months ago.

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Hello @Darren_Murphy it’s possible to with using a inline list

Keeps the same logic for If Then Else columns, but the structure is kind of different… take a look in this topic :point_down:

Hi @Lucas_Pires,

Thanks, but for some reason I can’t play the video that you linked to. In fact, I’ve found that I can’t play any videos of yours. Could I be missing a browser plug-in or something? (I’m using Chrome on Mac)

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wow… okay, thanks.
Watching that the first time just made my brain explode! :crazy_face:
Think I need to watch it about 10 more times… :rofl:

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