Filtered Inline List with images do not work properly

Hello everyone!!

I need some help about a functionality that i implemented in one of my app for a client 6 months ago and that doesn’t work anymore since few days.

I have an inline list displaying images stored in a google drive (with a public link) and they are such in PNG format such in GIF format. Their sizes are variable according the image (between 40 and 400 Ko). Each image match with a number (from 0 to 6 for example).
I have a button to increment an user-specific column by 1 and another to increment the same user-specific column by -1. This user-specific column allow me to know which image should be displayed. In fact, the inline list has a filter condition to check the number in the user-specific column and so to display the right image.

This functionality worked fine until few days and some alerts from my client. I tried to change the URL images (column named Img URL) in using a column with a type Image (column named Img File), but nothing changes.

In the video attached, you can see nothing happens until i changed something in the parameters of my inline list and everything gets back normal.

I’m getting crazy and my client too because this is the heart of its app.

Any idea how can i fix it ?
Or is there any issue in Glide to display images in an inline list ?
Is there any size limit to display an image in a Glide app ?
Any other idea?

Thanks a lot for your precious help

How is your user-specific column currently related to the image columns? When I first read this I believe you were using a lookup but seems not to be the case.

If you don’t have too many images maybe try putting all of them inside Glide storage. Drive is not recommended for storing images to display in the app.

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If you tap the button, then try to scroll up or down, does it change? I wonder if I have a similar problem that I’ve noticed for a while.


Thanks ThinhDinh.
I have already tried the Glide Storage (corresponding to my column named Img File) but nothing changes.
Regarding to your first question, one image correspond to one numeric identifier. The user-specific column is used to know which the user using the app would like to see : i compare this user-specific column to the image identifier.
This app is a serious game and the sequence of images is related to a story.

Hi Jeff_Hager,

Thanks for your reply.

I have just tried this tips : it works with the tablet/desktop mode because the images displayed are bigger than the screen and that allows users to scroll (up or down). But unfortunately, on a phone, no way to scroll up or down.

Have you noticed this problem to the glide team ? Any news so far ?

@Mark @david @sebastiansolari any idea ?

Can you please send me a link to your app

Hi @Jason !!

Here is the link :arrow_right:

Do you know how to fix this issue ?
I have implemented separators with large/medium spacing to allow users to scroll up or down in order to bypass this issue until it will fix.

I haven’t submitted it to glide support yet, but I recorded a video. I had wanted to check first if I brought this on myself with the added CSS.

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Hey @Jeff_Hager !

Ivo here, from Glide. Can I get a link to that app? It’ll help debug that issue.

Thanks for sharing that video :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you. Here is the support link. If you preview as me, my name will show up in the advanced students tab.

I submitted a support issue to Glide about images not appearing in my app (they used to display, now they do not). I hope there is a fix as the image displays the proof they tested negative for corona :microbe:

That was really useful, we managed to find the bug! Expect a fix soon.


Awesome! Thank you!

Hi @Ivo_Elbert
Thanks a lot for this good news.
Soon means when exactly ? Just to reassure my client :wink:

Any update about a fix @Ivo_Elbert @Mark @david @sebastiansolari @JackVaughan ?
Thanks for your help

Hello everyone,

Just for the community : i found a workaround for this bug, waiting for the fix :slight_smile:
On the first click to change the image, i added a custom action : View details / Go back / View Details.
This action Go Back allows to load all the images.

Looking forward to the official fix from the Glide team

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I noticed this issue last night as well…filtered inline lists do not pick up changes to the filters unless a component is modified on the same screen or if you switch screens and then back again.


I submitted a ticket last week for this same thing. I also faced the problem that computed columns in a specific row does not show anything on screen (they still display in the data view) until I “do something”.

Closing due to inactivity. This topic will be deleted in a few weeks if there are no more comments.