Next/Previous record/details screen buttons

When going from the top level Navigation screen using a list from my Google Sheet to the Details page of a record/row, I can’t find a way to add Next/Previous record buttons.

I have been sent a link to a video of someone doing it from a few years ago but it didn’t contain full instructions and looking at their video they are using the ‘classic’ style app.

I have found other topics on this forum but again they appear to be using the ‘classic’ app.

Is there detailed instructions on how to do this easily on the ‘new’ type app?

Looking at the other examples the relations and inline list components aren’t available to me in the new app and my attempts to replicate this in the new app have failed.

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I was sent this before but it didn’t help me work out what to do: Paging and navigation using increment action

Try this method

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Hi Hassan,

Thanks for sharing the video.

The Sheet I’m using is constantly having new records/rows created using a form from a website. I’m struggling to follow what is being done in the video but it appears to be for a set of data that isn’t being updated.

Our glide app won’t be publicly available, so I’m less concerned about app updates, I really just need a simple next button or a way to change detail pages without having to go back. The only solutions that look half simple are done in the classic type app.

I’m not sure if I’m missing something but shouldn’t there be some sort of core feature to do this?

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@Andy_Hill feel free to schedule a call with today on Calendly - We Don't Code and I’ll help you out.

Hi Hassan,

I appreciate your reply but we don’t currently have any further budget for this project.

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It’s a free call don’t worry. @Andy_Hill

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Your offer of help is appreciated.

Glide Support sent me this video which goes halfway to what I’m trying to achieve.

I’ve replicated what is done in the video, the issue is that the buttons are on the First screen and not the detail screen, I need to be able to show all of the details on the ‘Things’ sheet and have the buttons below it.

Currently, you would need to click on the dynamic item in the list and then press back to go back to the list again.

If I go into the details screen I can only pull data from the Things sheet and not the data from the Helper sheet that I would need for the buttons there.

Does that make sense what I’m trying to do?

I’m unable to share the app because it contains personal data.

The use case is photo competition entries are made on a form on a WordPress entry site, for judging I want all the photos and captions to appear on the details page (6 photos and captions along with category headings and entry serial number, then at the top and bottom of the details screen I want buttons to go to the previous and next entry (row on a sheet), without the judge having to press back and find the entry on a list again.

I have got as far as showing all the entry information on the details screen, but if I add the buttons I can’t get the information for them from anywhere but the entry sheet rather than the navigation sheet I’m trying to use as per the instruction video. I can only get the buttons to work on the first ‘list’ screen, but then I can’t show the full details of the entry.

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So… when you click an item from the list to see details… you want buttons on that screen to show the previous and next items?

Start by building the columns for the 2nd use case in the following post.

Once you have that, create 2 math columns. One to subtract 1 from the index, and one to add 1 to the index.

Next, create 2 single relation columns. One that links the first math column to the index column, and a second relation that links the other math column to the Index.

Now you should have two relations that each point to the row above and below the current row. Now on your detail screen add two buttons. Both with a Show Detail Screen action, but each one using the appropriate relation as it’s source.

That should be it. You should be able to use buttons to navigate between items.

Edit: I just quickly scanned through Grumo’s video that @Hassan_Nadeem shared and it is doing the exact same thing that I suggested, except that I eliminated one extra step. I’m not sure I understand why you feel his method wouldn’t have worked for you because I feel it should work quite well and dynamically.


Hi Uzo,

Yes, that’s correct. I’ve followed everything in the video from Support but it only put’s buttons on the first screen, and I have to click the item showing to get all the details up and at that point I can’t point any buttons added to the details screen to the other data.


Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply - I have tried again and just realised a step I missed from Grumbo’s video and I think I have it working now. I was trying to follow several videos and kept hitting walls.

I’ve done it on a test app, I’ll try doing it again with the live data again now and hopefully I’ll have cracked it.

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