Details Screen - Navigate to Next Record?

Hi. New here. Did some searching, but cannot find the answer to this question:

Why is there no way to navigate to the next record in your spreadsheet in the Details View? This seems like a basic function that every database platform should have.

I’ve watched a video posted here using Increment Action to do this. But there is a lot of back end set up that is needed, and for a newbie like me, I haven’t been able to analyze it to understand how to implement it.

I’ve also tried the Swipe Cards feature, but there is no way to swipe BACK to the previous record.

Can anyone help me out?

Thank you!


Interesting question.

I’ve been building Glide Apps for a while now, and I think I can honestly say this not something I’ve ever needed to do. Whilst I could probably come up with a way to do it, I’m struggling to think of a scenario where it would be needed.

So I’d be curious to know what your use case is?

I understand that the ability to step through rows one by one makes perfect sense in the context of a spreadsheet, but I’m not sure that it does in the context of a Glide App.

Hola @David_Ames

As you mentioned this is something you have to set up manually. Here’s an app that you can copy and see if you can implement it on your app.

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Wow. Thanks for your quick replies, gentlemen!

Darren, it is a workout tracking app. Basically presenting spreadsheet data in an app format, with some interaction with the user. In workout tracking apps, it is customary to scroll, or swipe, or have a button to take you to the next exercise. The exercises in my spreadsheet, and their corresponding weights, reps, etc., each are presented in its own row.

So it would be fantastic if I could get the Detail View to be able to scroll, or swipe, or have a button to take the user directly to the next exercise (i.e., row, record), instead of having to go back to the main “list” between each exercise in order to go to the Next exercise.

I hope this is clear enough.

And Santiago, I will check out this link later. Thank you!

Also, Darren, I had built this workout app in AppSheet. I spent months getting it perfect, and I won’t get into the problems I had with it once they made some backend updates on their end last year. These updates created enough issues for my users that I needed to find an alternative. And Glide is much more fun to use and create with.

The only reason I mention AppSheet is, AppSheet’s Details View defaults to a scroll right and left to move from one record (row in the spreadsheet) to the next, and back to the previous record. In my opinion, it seems like that would be a standard function.


Would it be possible to share a couple of screen shots of your data showing how it is structured in the spreadsheet, and how you present it in your app?

I know this is a feature that I’ve always wanted and does seem like it should be pretty basic. Essentially like what the Swipe layout should have been and what most of us have done to Swipe to hack it together to move linearly through rows. Swipe looks for the oldest swiped row, but I’ve always felt it should have the option to move linearly through rows instead.

A case I’ve tried to create before, but require some sheet formulas and additional worksheets was to emulate a photo album. Each row is a photo, but would love to press a button or swipe through the photos. If Glide had a Rank function, it would be easy to create relations to go to the next or previous row, but we don’t have that. You could number rows when you create them, but if you delete one row, then it throws everything off. It would be easier if it was all handled dynamically.


Yes, Jeff. This is exactly what I’m looking for. Seems like a pretty basic functionality…to be able to scroll or click through all the rows in your spreadsheet, in Detail View. A basic “Next Record” (or row) action.

The 2 examples I’ve dived into are fairly complex. If this is the only way to achieve this result, I wish there was documentation that outlined how to do it, instead of me having to try to analyze what each user has done to create this workaround.

I’m new enough to Glide and its data tables, that I’m getting lost in trying to figure out how these 2 examples were set up. (And thank you @SantiagoPerez for sharing that example.)

And I don’t think sharing screenshots of my data would help. It’s pretty basic:

  • I have a spreadsheet with rows.
  • Each row has an exercise column, a weight column and a reps column.
  • All I want to do is be able to move from one row to the next row, in Detail View, so that the user doesn’t have to click the “Back” button to go to the inline list again, just to select the next exercise.

In AppSheet, this is the default functionality when you’re in Detail View…you don’t have to set anything up. Swipe to the next record (row); swipe back to the previous record.

I just wanted to know if there was a way to do this in Glide without a ton of intricate data manipulation. I guess not.



Yes, this is a great idea! Users should be able to explore content in multiple ways. Instead of tapping back to see the full list of records in a list and repeating this process over and over as individual records are explored, users should have the option to swipe left or right to navigate between records within the list.


Is there already a solution to this?
I am new to glide and i’m really struggeling with showing rowdata in detail screen without going back to the list.

For info: I’m developing a quiz-like app where my questions are listed in rows in google sheets.

No, there’s no built-in functionality for this.

A workaround I would propose, if you don’t have too many fields in each row, is use a working table with a single row and then bring back the values to display using single value columns.


Copyable app:


This is awesome. Seems like something that should be added as standard out of the box. Here’s another scenario: You have items in a list that expand to a larger photo detail view. Then instead of hitting back, you’d naturally want to just swipe to the next photo (record).

Seems like the need for a ‘gallery component’ (photo galleries, item galleries, etc).

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shoot Id love to see this but am getting an error message around data limits.

ok i was able to copy the app and see it that way. my issue is that it’s not a straight 1st, 2nd 3rd. I would want to see "others like this " that are fileted to match the current screen item.

Hi David
Just wanted to say “we are the same person here” I have a jump rope app for kids and teachers, used to use appsheet too, had to much trouble, didnt get the video to work…

am also trying to see next item in a series of videos, but it’s not straightforward as 1 2 3 4. I want to show similar videos related to the current screen (filtered by difficulty and type)

my app is here: Jump Rope Skill Builders
once someone click on a video in “single rope skill instruction” I want an inline list of similar tricks and to go to the next one.

How do you define “similar tricks” in your logic?

Hi ThinhDinh! Within one skill details screen, I have an inline list of “similar skills” and they are filtered to match the difficulty and type of skill. There are 92 skills in all, 6 types, 5 difficulty levels.

IF this task is too arduous, then Id at least like to be able to do other skills in the same type. (arm action, footwork, Strength, turns, multiples and manipulation) You can see it here: Team Videos

An inline list would only lead you to the details screen of the item, if the action you set up there is “show details screen”. I think that’s what you kind of expect when there’s no concept of order like “1st step, 2nd step, 3rd step”.

To do what you want, I think you just need to add an inline list, then filter that by:

“Difficulty level is the same as screen > difficulty level”
“Type of skill is the same as screen > type of skill”
“RowID is not screen > rowID”

Ok I got one more question for you.

If I scarps the idea of the whole see next record for a specific list as mentioned earlier and simply allow my user to tap thru to see the next image maybe with a next and back button, I want it to look like this:

Currently I have this webpage embedded in glide but I want to rebuild it so I can add more filters and functions.

See how when you click on an image you can then go tot the next one? We ringing the page loads slowly due to high volume of media. My users are aware of this and know to load the page in advance.

Thanks again

The hard part to build here is the “previous” and “next” button, both logically and aesthetically. Are you on the new Glide Apps or Classic Apps?