Displaying next row in details

I have images gallery, one image one sheet row. From inline list I come to specific image. Being in this image, I want to browse back and forward. Is there any action (associated with fwd/bwd button) for this feature in glide? (prototype: https://zoran-homen.glideapp.io/ )

Hey you can make an inline list of tiles (1 per row) and it simulates the efect of going back and forward. If not you have the button bar that have two buttons in a row in order to make a fwd and bwd functionality.

Hi Adrià,

Tnx a lot for swift answer.

  1. Tiles: this not appropriate for the gallery, because I want to have max size image on the screen and hit Fwd button for going forward.
  2. Left and right buttons are clear to me as UI, but which actions I have to implement to go fwd or bwd?

(Simple action or customized complex one!?)

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As you are in the Details view (You picked the first image of you table) you can add a column to save an ID (1,2,3,4,5…) and add those IDs to the Images then make a relation of ‘stepID’ (let’s called like this) and the IDs of the same table in order to get the correct image and then with a lookup you will have the image that you want in the first row of the table which is the one that is displaying on a Detailed View without fiters.

Then about the actions you can make an increment of -1 and +1 in order to change dynamically that stepID which then is automatically related with the new ID column as i said before.

I don’t know is that is the best option but it will work if then you put an image component to display the lookup image that the relation is getting.

In order to avoid that step ID goes like -20 or above the top you can make visibility of that button bar only if stepId is more than 1 and less of TOP (TOP meaning the last image) and another buttons for example a simple one with only a right arrow for visibility only when stepID is 1 (in order not to decrease that ID).

If you have some questions tell me.

Hi Adrià,

Tnx, but this is far too complicated for me!

Here in the future I am expecting simple action such as “Next row” and to associate it with right button.

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Tnx a lot, but again here I can’t follow this (future) development functionality due to its complexity. Maybe a generic suggestion to glide development would be not to be excesivelly inventive! :slight_smile: . This means that they should simply put more attenteion to reengineering instead of inventing something completely new. In this case of browsing images, if we deal with more images, there are buttons bwd/fwd. In the detail display, glide knows exactly which row is in focus (displayed!). What a kind of rocket science is to have action called “Previous row” and “Next row”? We have 24 actions now, some of them are realy weired and for sure 10 or 100 times less commonly used compared to next/previous or before/after feature in other systems.
This comment of mine is directed on broader picture of this problem: stick on best practice, do not invent things that are of less importance. Especially if their implementation is so complex. I demonstrated that to you in the case of multiple filters: with glide it is necessary to “program” it in 24 steps! Instead of having simple glide function for combined filters, which is the standard and the best practice in all systems dealing with larger amount of data.

You may be interested in this post. I know it is still a trick/workaround, but it is not too hard.
AND, I have included a template you can copy and play around with