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NEXT button option to connect next & previous items (rows) in the the same column? is it possible, to avoid going back and then clicking on the next item?


You might want to check out @Jeff_Hager’s paging concept here:

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Yeah, this has been a feature request for a while. Here’s my take on it:


Thanks so much, got it working. Really appreciated your help… Simon

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@Robert_Petitto - I have not seen Jeff’s paging implementation, but yours is super cool too. I would only add a ‘home’ button to take a user back to the home screen immediately.

Here’s a copy a little better implementation of paging for something I’ve been working on in the memories tab.

A home button would technically be possible, but I think you would have to duplicate the tab layout to achieve it since there is no direct looking to a tab. I just rely on double tapping the tab to go back to the top level.

Had no idea this was a functionality!!

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The only problem is, if you aren’t displaying any tabs, then you are stuck clicking the back button until you get back to the top level.

That makes sense.

Almost all my apps are single-tab apps!

No wonder I missed out on this trick!

Thank you, as always, @Jeff_Hager!

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Jeff I get how you create the rel-Navigate column but I am not figuring out how you create the “Navigate” column. Can you explain that column creation in detail?

That’s some spreadsheet magic. First in the MemoriesDetails sheet, I created a FIRST and LAST record so the navigation button placement looks good on the first and last picture. I needed to create an array column to use for a relation (Navigate 1 and Navigate 2). That array column contains the Prior image ID and the Next image ID which is used for the relation to a 2 tile horizontal inline list. First I needed to create the MemoriesDetailsLookup sheet which uses a Unique formula to copy the data from MemoriesDetails, but eliminate any blank rows. In that second sheet I use formulas to build and fill the Navigate 1 and Navigate 2 column with ID’s from both the prior and next picture ID. Then in the MemoriesDetails sheet, I use a VLOOKUP formula to pull in the Prior and Next ID’s into the sheet. It’s designed to show the newest pictures first in list.

So I understand what you are saying in this post in theory but can you please break it down even simpler?

For example, how do I create an Array column? I am only just getting started and while I understand that there are multiple steps I am not sure how to actually make each individual step happen.

Also on the app data view there looks to be two relationship columns but I am not seeing how the first one was created.

Sorry super beginner here.

Thank you

First of all, relations and arrays are completely different, even though they have the same icon. What you are seeing in the first Navigation column is the array. The second one is an actual relation. Here is some more info on Arrays:
It’s hard to give you and very good detailed explanation as there was a lot of trial and error for me to get to that point. If you look at the sheet itself, you will see the formulas I used to build the Navigation 1 and Navigation 2 columns (which combine into a Navigation array column). Columns A through F are copied to the MemoriesDetailsLookup sheet using a UNIQUE formula to eliminate the empty rows. Then using IF statements in arrayformulas, I build the Navigation 1 and Navigation 2 columns by looking at the previous and next rows and loading those ID’s into each respective column. Then finally using VLOOKUP formulas, I pull those navigation column values for the matching image ID back into the MemoriesDetails sheet.

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THANK YOU! That video was the information I needed!
I think you also helped me just sort out how I will work with another section of the app as well!.


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With the new “Increment Action” this becomes much simpler.
Check Increment Action?!



Hi Jeff.

Is there a copy of this app we can save so that we can see the data sheets and how you accomplished this? I can copy the app, and see it working, but I can’t save a copy to my dashboard where I can look at the data sheets, etc.

Am I missing somehting?


Sorry for the delay. I’ve been away from my computer for a few days and I just saw your other post a little bit ago, so I fired up my laptop to make the app copyable again. Now you can make a copy so you can take a look at it.

The quick version is that I have the MemoryDetails sheet which holds all of the submitted images by users. Then I have a MemoryDetailsLookup sheet which takes those rows and compresses them without spaces and I then add navigate columns which determine the previous and next row ids. Those values are then pulled back into the original MemoryDetails sheet so it can be used in the app. Those navigate columns become an array that I can use to create a relation for the inline list that I use as navigate buttons in the app. I also have a formula to assign row numbers, but I don’t think I’m doing anything with that at the moment. This is a pretty old app and I haven’t touched it in a long time. Now I would probably approach it differently and try to accomplish it only within glide, but I’d have to spend some time to work that out.