Pages User Profile Bug? Privacy > Sign-In > Required/Optional

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Describe the bug:

  • When using “Privacy > Sign-In > Required” my page only writes data while using it from the editor and not from my phone or laptop. When I change it to “Privacy > Sign-In > Optional” it works with my phone and laptop. Any insight into this issue?

I expected the “Users > Anyone” portion of the “Privacy” menu to function the same regardless of the “Sign-In” option. Is there an actual bug here or lack of verbiage explaining the difference?

Can you elaborate a little on this?

For example, a form is submitted and no new row is added?

Is the behaviour the same regardless of user sign in status?

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If I log into the page from my phone/laptop (not in editor) using any email other than the first one, when i try to enter my name and number to complete a profile, the info is saved for that session on that device but not to the data editor but only when using “Privacy > Required Sign-in”.

Switching it to optional sign-in saves the data written to that user’s profile.

Also, unrelated:

When setting action button conditions to work only when a user is not logged in, logged in with incomplete profile, and logged in with complete profile, they are not appearing unless the app is refreshed. In apps this was a good method rather than using a visibility rule. Is this a change in pages?

Just duped the button component 3 times and set visibility rules instead of conditions and the app still has to be reloaded before they appear.

I just tried to replicate this, and it works as expected in both cases.
I first configured a Pages project with Required Sign In → Anyone, and added a text entry component to the User Profile screen directed at the Name column.
I then signed in as a new user and entered a name.

I then signed out, switched to optional sign in and repeated the test.

In both cases the name was saved and persisted.

So I’m not sure what’s going on in your case. We might need to understand more about your setup. Any chance you can create a short Loom video that demonstrates the problem?

I also did a test with this. If you add/remove a component you will see the change in the published Page without a refresh, but it can take a little while. In my case it took about 5-10 minutes. I think this is normal.

No, i mean i tested a button 2 ways. once using conditions and once using visibility. Neither one works. Perhaps an issue in filtering the home page by signed in user. If email is empty i want a sign in button, if email is not empty and profile incomplete i want a complete profile button and if profile is complete i want a my profile button.

Im coming to pages from apps so I’m used to doing this using conditions and visibility. When a user logs in the complete profile button would normally appear but in pages its not working the same. i have to refresh the app to get the NEW button to appear after a condition is met.

Ah, I see.
Okay, so try this for your button visibility conditions:

  • Not Signed In
    – User Profile → Email is empty
  • Signed In, Profile Incomplete
    – User Profile → Email is not empty, and
    – User Profile → Email is Signed In User, and
    – Profile Complete is not checked
  • Signed In, Profile Complete
    – User Profile → Email is Signed In User, and
    – Profile Complete is checked

I’ve tested the above and it works for me. (I was just using a simple boolean column to mark a profile as complete or not)

Found the button issue… A user that isn’t sign in cant see the title of a button (if/then) thats based off the user’s row. This is the third time in 5 years this has happened.

I will try to record a loom asap and post it here. Thanks for all your help.

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