Who Can Sign In? - STOPPED WORKING (pages)

I’m not sure if anyone else has experienced this.
I was notified today that users could no longer sign in. All of my glide pages are Private, and Privacy setting “WHO CAN SIGN-IN?” is set to “emails in the selected table”

Today, when I opened the Builder → Settings → Privacy → WHO CAN SIGN-IN - nothing was selected AND I am no longer able to set it to “emails in the selected table”.
It only allows it to be set to “editors” or “anyone”.

This is a huge thing and I am seeking a solution/suggestion on how this can be fixed and/or what could be causing this.
Picture below

Seems like a bug. Please submit a ticket here.


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Can I assume that you have User Profiles correctly configured?
Assuming that you do, then I believe you should have an option for “Users in the user profiles table”.
So if you’re not seeing that, it does sound like a bug.

In the past, Glide allowed you to choose a separate “white list” table. I believe that they plan to remove that option, although I don’t know when.


Should be fixed, our apology, please check ours apps setting


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