Page does not send email

When running the page on a mobile it would not send an email. Any suggestions? What am I missing?

To clarify, do you mean that you’re accessing a Glide Page on a mobile device within which has a component with a ”Send Email“ action that isn’t sending the email when triggered?

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Robert yes that is what I mean…

  1. Make sure the “To:” email address is valid
  2. Make sure the app is Private Pro (legacy plan) or Pro (new team plan). These are the only plans that allow for private users and thus enable the “send email” action.

Does this qualify?

Interesting is also that while in the APP I have no problem to include a URL in the email text , in pages it does not do it:

Field content:


Strange. I haven’t done enough testing with “Send Email” in pages to know for certain, but my initial thought is that this is a bug.