Overriding data Date & Time Selector

Hello! I’ve been having a weird problem with the Date & Time Selector, and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s an error.

I have a Date & Time selector that writes the “Input Date” Column. For some reason in some inputs, the data is also being written on another column that has its own formula. And this is making the whole logic of the sheet crash.


Delete D10 in the sheet

Deleting fixes the issue temporarily, because with a new input it will override the data on D column once again :confused:

It means that in glide you set column D

Unrelated to your problem, but unless you actually need those extra columns in the GSheet, I’d be doing those calculations in Glide. Arrayformulas have their uses, but as you’re finding out they are very easily broken. This problem goes away when you move the logic into the GDE (and your app runs faster).

No and that’s the problem: the set column is B

I’ll try to move it and see if I can work my way around it… but the overriding data is very intriguing :confused:

Just a guess, but it could be that Glide is writing a blank value to that column, which breaks the arrayformula.


I think I faced this problem months ago. I was writing something to a specific column but then decided not to do it anymore and used an arrayformula. Glide did not reset that to “nothing”, but a blank value as you suggested.

Had to recreate the action.

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I replicated the action using Glide functions, and I think that worked. But it’s a real bummer

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