Problem with Date/Time column

Hi all,

I need your help !
I have a Glide table where data is written from a Glide form. One of the column in a Date/Time column.
Today, I just noticed that most of the data has been “transformed”, I don’t know why.

Here is a screenshot :

Because of this, Glide don’t recognize the transformed cells as Date/Time, and i can’t use those data in the app (i mean, for “if>then>else” column…).

Does anyone know what happened ? And if i could do something to correct this ?
I’m a bit anxious, as it’s an important part of my app :cold_sweat:

Thanks a lot !

It should always have been that format underneath, regardless of how you format it in a normal date/time column. Can you show us how you configure those columns?

Hi !
Thanks a lot for your answer, and sorry to have taken so much time to respond.
All things went back to normal, i don’t know why. The whole column is now back to the short date only format, and the rest of the app is now able to use these informations.
I really don’t know what happened in the first place and what corrected it, but it now works !

Thanks again, have a nice day !


No probs, glad it works now. Have a nice week!

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