Order list on date

My app’s URL: https://ghoij.glideapp.io

In my app, the first tab is a list order by date descending and the second is the same datas in a calendar order by date descending.
My can note that the order is not the same between both.
Thank’s for your help.

I think Glide is interpreting the data on your first sheet as text and not as date. And I think it’s due to the component you chose to display your date.

The second tab works because the calendar view knows to convert the value to a date value for the calendar view and knows how to sort it. In the first tab, a list treats all columns as a character and only knows how to sort as character string (and in some cases, a numeric value). You are attempting to sort essentially a character string. It’s not treated like a date the way calendar view works. In your case, from left to right 1 comes before 9 just like a comes before b. When you sort the list view, it sorts left to right as alphanumeric. To properly sort a date in this way, it needs to be in YYYYMMDD format.

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Thank’s for you help. I solved it with 2 new colums, one for the sort and a second for the display (european format)

  • first formula : =arrayformula(if(isblank(A2:A);"";text(A2:A;“YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS”)))
  • second formula : =arrayformula(if(isblank(A2:A);"";text(A2:A;“DD/MM/YYYY-HH:MM:SS”)))

I keep this app online for helping others users with the same trouble.

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