Is there an alternative to 'Sort by Date'?

Receiving conflicting info and hope to resolved today as many of my app builds are based on “Future Follow-Update or Task Due Date”. I’ve also searched in our Community and found various answers but so far, nothing is working correctly.

I posted some of the issues I was having and was told 1/by @david - didn’t think the app can sort by date yet, 2/other developers told me it will sort only using yearmonthdate.

I tried the yr/mnth/date and it sorted fine until I entered an older date which went to the top (2019-09-17 vs 2019-12-31) I had the sort in descending order where 12 short have sorted first.

If the date can’t be used, there must be something that can work to capture a “future date” that is entered on the app only, not on google sheet.

Would GREATLY appreciate if someone who has a sure solution contact me either here or privately as this is a Show-Stopper for my largest client if not resolved.


Just create a column along side your date column called whatever you want, maybe DateString. Then in the app sort by that column. Here is a picture of what it would look like


@George_B You’re the best!!!

Is the “date string” how the user should enter the new updated date on their app?

Thank you :+1:

No. When you create the Add screen you would select a date picker component and point it to the actual date column. That other column is only for the sorting purposes.


Thanks for this! As a Finnish, I also needed this.

@George_B If I just reformat the date column with the year-month-date format in Google sheets… it sorts correctly but as soon as new entry goes in… drops to bottom of their app. Using your suggestions now. Thanks again!
Update 10/7/19 - Look at difference in date format now from first to last entry. Didn’t work. It’s posting to the bottom of app (descending option) and always includes a time stamp which i do not want. If I “re-format” my date column in google sheets, it sorted properly and then it drops the time but is not sorting correctly after doing the above suggestions. (I should be selling… not making apps! :thinking:

Here’s an idea that piggy backs on @George_B’s helper column idea. You could use Helper TABS for display purposes. This is my workaround for an Admin app I use often. I use the DATEVALUE formula as my formatting method. Then the options are endless with sorting if you use a QUERY or FILTER formula on additional tabs that would be for display only. If you want users to edit/update task status, then you could use the Form button and have that data sent to the “Tasks” tab. Check out this example: Tasks Sorted by Due Date & Status

Per our conversation.

I think you are trying to use the spreadsheets column format option. You shouldn’t have to do that. Refer to our private conversation where I show you the formula for the helper column. Don’t use the sheets formatting. You should be writing the the original date column, but displaying and sorting by the helper column. Unless there’s an issue with the delay in the helper column updating in the app, I think it should work, but I think you are handling the formatting wrong.

… and I’m still here with the same issue and I can’t risk losing a client for a 2 minute fix. My expertise is identifying customer needs and providing solutions as a former turnaround consultant for many years. I really need a “Glideapps Pro” to just look at my screen for 2 minutes and show me what is wrong. This is why I need to focus on marketing with high volume customers and have an IT team sharing in the revenue. Several of the Community members have been extremely helpful and I thank you.
Still fighting The Date issue. I did the string column and appears I have set-up still incorrect. Also cannot have it defaulting to a time… only need the date. Each time the date is changed to next follow up date by user, the 12:00 AM appears.

Are you sure you are displaying the “datetext” column and not the date column?

Have you tried representing the date as plain number?

The problem with Google sheets (and excel for that matter) is that dated are some time get mixed up.

The good news is that each date can be represented as numbers (date fornat is just format but sheets actually see it as a number)

So, I think that if you create a helper column which include the following formula (placed in the first row under the header to run on all the column):

1 User mail date Fixed date
2 {B2:B}
3 7/24/2019 7PM 54321
4 7/24/2019 6PM 54320

Column C should be formatted as number and in the app you should try and sort by this column.

Let me know if that worked.

Thank you @Jeff_Hager for patiently working with a Non-Techie to resolve. It’s working great now! :+1:

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OK… I haven’t checked the app all weekend. Go in to add more data and the “date string” is now all blank.
How can this happen? I will lose clients if this isn’t controlled. Posted this to Community.

Last issue resolved here:

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Hello !
I have the same problem.
I have a list that I want to sort by date.

If I add a column with a = B2 for example to copy the date and if I format this new column in number format, and that I sort with this column, this is ok.
But when I want to add a date to my list by the application, this new date is recorded at the bottom of my sheet sheet, after the last formula = B 50! and so I do not have the number format value in my sort column!
Do you have a solution?
(my format is the following: Sunday, December 29, 2019 at 15:00:00) (In my sort column I have this format: 43828,63)

You need to use an arrayformula at the top of the column as talked about in this post.