Sort by date doesn't work because of the day of the week


I have a Google sheet filled by new blog posts everyday and I would like to display them in my app sorted by Date (descending order) but it’s doesn’t work properly…

I’ve found that it’s because it’s using the first letter of the day instead the proper date.
The date format is: “Mon, 01 May 2023 14:00:23 +0000”

Is there any way to reformat it since I don’t need Mon/Tue etc.?


Update: Ok I found a solution using “Isodate” in the feeds instead of “Pubdate”. If this can help :slight_smile:

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Are you certain the column type is in fact a date?

A few ideas:

  • Unless you have changed the alignment of the column, date and number columns align to the right by default.
  • When you select the entire column and change the format to “Number”, the date should now display as a number. Dates in Excel and Google Sheets are numbers. If not, then the format of the column is probably wrong.
  • You could try to To_Date and DateValue functions to convert a string and number to a date.
  • You can select the column and head to > Format > Number > Custom to change what is displayed. I’m not sure this would help, but it might.
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