In-App Sort by Date not working

I’m using In-App sort on a column that has Date data. Glide recognizes it as a Date Column cause it shows the little calendar. However, Dates are not sorting correctly. If I change the formatting in Google Sheets so that the dates are displayed as numeric (e.g. 43664.8804711111 rather than 7/18/2019 21:07:53) I get the right sorting of course. But then that data doesn’t render as informational date data in other parts of the app. I could create two columns in my sheets, one with numeric dates and the other with normal date formatting… but I’m hoping this is a bug.

It is a bug. We’ll fix it.

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This will be fixed sometime next week. Sorry for the delay, and thank you for reporting it!

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Is the Date Sorting fixed now?

I have tiles list, which I want to sort bij a date, but it bugs. Sorts on the first number XD

I’m having a similar issue with date sorting, but it isn’t with date data that comes from my Google Sheet, it is user specific date data that users enter using the Date Time component.

Essentially, the user is indicating they have completed a watching a video and is asked to add the date (using the Date Time component). We’ve created a separate tab that lists all completed videos, and we are using the in-app sort feature to sort by descending order. However, the app does not seem to be picking up on the date based on the way it is sorting. I’ve attached a picture of the “Completed” tab, which should be showing the most recently completed video (by date) at the top descending to the least recently completed video at the bottom.