Open Link Action get deactivated


The Open Link action always get deactivated on my app. I don’t know why but i need to reactivate it every time i open the app builder.

Please help me out! Thanks!

Could you make a video and share your app, please?

Here is the app:

I can’t show on video what happens actually…

Where in your app do you have the problem?

Releases tab > select an item > under retailers (like I said I need to reactivate the link to a webpage from time to time)

Why can’t you show it on video?

Seems to be working for me, but I don’t know if you have reset the open link option or not.

I did reset it. But the problem is that it deactivated randomly

@Mark I have this happening periodically as well.

Can someone from the Glide Team have a look at this issue ? it seems like its happening to other users too

@Younes Could you please make a video of this happening?

I understand that most of the time a video is definitely better than words but in this case there is nothing to show since it’s just the open link action that switches to none randomly in on one my inline lists.
Please tell me if there is other info i can give to make my explanation clearer, thanks!

When does it switch? I would like to see what’s happening between it being Open Link and being None. How can I reproduce this?

I noticed that it switched when I deleted a column in the Data Editor.

Any update on this?

I’m having the same issue. I have a column for links that I show as an Inline List. I set the action to “Open Link”, and it works for a little while, then reverts back to “None”.
I haven’t made any changes to the column data, so that doesn’t seem to be the issue.
And I haven’t made any changes to the component either.

The list appears fine, and the links display properly as Tiles, but the action gets removed.

The only thing I can think of is that some of the cells in the column are empty (including the first cell under the header). Maybe it looks at the first cell, sees that it doesn’t contain a link, and reverts the action to None? Just speculating…

Any other ideas?

I’ve noticed this too when making changes to the app. I haven’t quite taken the time to determine the cause, but if I reliably duplicate it, I’ll be sure to make a video.

Any more insight into the issue, Jeff?

I can’t seem to find any way to make it stick, and haven’t seen an official response from Glide on it.

No, no additional insight. I really haven’t experimented much to find a pattern. My user base is basically one user, so I’ve just consciously re-added the action any time I’ve made changes or noticed it has stopped working. Definitely seems to be related to editing the app in some way. If I don’t make any changes in awhile, it keeps working and the action stays.

Just wanted to post an update on this. I hadn’t had this issue in a few days so I was hopeful it was resolved. But today I tried to tap the links and they were deactivated.

No changes were made to the links columns, and no change was made to this component of the app. And it happened to all 5 instances of Tile inline lists in my app… The Action just reset to “None” on all of them.

I’ve been facing this issue for months now and still nothing have changed…