Inline with increment action always breaking

Guys, I can’t even take a pic of all my apps or make a video, because I when I realize a inline is not working, and when I open my glide editor there’s no action in it…

Every single week this stuff is happening… whats going on? Can you work on in? This app above is one of my clients…

They just come saying “Lucas can you see my app cause this/that is not working…”, and when I see its a inline list.

And no, I didnt delete any column. I even didnt open those apps to edit something. They simply break


Could you please share the app where it breaks, and tell me exactly where the action is?

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I still get the same issue with the open link action as well. I’ve seen other reports of it too. I really haven’t taken the time to look for a pattern, but every once in awhile I test an inline list item that should open link, and find out it doesn’t work and the action has been reset to ‘None’.


Sent you a DM @Mark

I have the same problem with 2 APPs since 1 week ago aprox.

I have wanted to narrow the causes to get a fast fix but the problem happens randomly. I tested by closing the web browser abruptly, created/deleted some new components close to Inline component, etc but I haven’t got to reproduce the issue but it is real as @Lucas_Pires states and others.