Inline list ACTION getting reset

My app’s URL:

I’ve several inline lists in my app but the ACTION for one of the inline lists constantly get reset. Any ideas ?

I’ve it as an Open Link

But when I make unrelated edits, it gets reset to ‘Non’

Hi @ajchan,

Thanks for writing in. I’ve experienced this issue before and was able to resolve it by deleting and rebuilding the component. If the problem persists, do let us know.

Hope you’re keeping well amid the current climate.
Many thanks!


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Same, this happened to me as well and I was able to resolve the issue by deleting and rebuilding the component (as @iamtomgray mentioned).

THanks. That seems to be working so far

It failed again. I deleted and created a new one and the problem persists. It’s really strange – seems like some namespace collision ?