Links work in admin but not live

Existing app worked fine all of last winter. Now it only works (column links function) in admin setting. When I test the live app, the links just don’t go anywhere. My account recently renewed. Could that have something to do with it? I’ve re-synced. But that didn’t solve it.

It is a learn-to-ski curriculum with six skill levels and eight days. I used a recipe app as a template.

Here is my app:

Can you provide instructions on how to navigate to an example of a link that doesn’t work?

If you click on a skill level, you should see Daily Plans. The Daily Plans won’t open.

Do you mean these?

They are not links. That is an Inline List. My guess is that the Inline List actions are broken - and my suggestion would be to try resetting the actions.

cc @Jeff_Hager - looks like the same as your issue? :thinking:

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Can you tell me how rest the actions?

Open your App in the Glide Builder and then find the list component that isn’t working, and select it.

In the right hand panel, you’ll see where the actions are configured. That is what you need to check.

I’m sorry, but I’m still struggling. I’m not sure what needs to be reset and I certainly didn’t do this when I built the app. This is what I see:

That looks quite suspicious to me.

  1. I can’t imagine that you have a column named “Ingredients” in a Ski App (although you did mention that you used a Recipe Template as a base - maybe that’s an artefact of the original template?)
  2. The Data section is empty. That’s most likely why the list action isn’t working. If you change it to “This item”, that will most likely fix it.
  3. Independent screen configuration is checked - did you do that deliberately? If you didn’t, and you don’t know what it does, then you almost certainly don’t need/want it. So you might want to uncheck that.

Here is my suggestion:

  • start by fixing the Data option. Set it to “This Item” and then try clicking a few items in the list.
  • if it works, but the next screens don’t look right then uncheck the “Independent screen configuration” box.

Hopefully, by that point it will be working for you.

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I did your first step (“this item”) and that seemed to do the trick! Thank you!!
I have a related question. I’m not sure if I did this by accident or not. But the text in the navigation bar is now the “ingredients” text, which is not appropriate. It should be the title,but I can’t figure out how to change it.

Click on the Title component in the left hand panel, then change the Data section (in the right hand panel) to use the “Ingredients” column.

You’ll have two choices in the Title component, either Data->Title or Data->Details. Choose which ever looks best.

Sorry again, But I’m not getting it. I’m talking about the words next to the <Back . The settings look like it should show title, but its showing the “ingedients” text.

Ah, I see.
That’s actually configured in your action settings on the previous screen, here :point_down:

That did it! Thanks so much for your help.

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