Link components and actions to URLs not functioning

Could someone help me troubleshoot what could be happening in my app?

Previously, when I added a link component or added a action to a button to open a URL, it opened within Glide and on the phone. For some reason, the links no longer show up on my app or they do not open when I am on the phone or any other place outside the app.

I created another quick app and the links worked fine on the my mobile device, so I know that the links work and that (technically) I know how to use this component. Also, I am able to use links from a different sheet to create social media links.

Does anyone know what might cause this component not to work within my app from this page when it once did?

Can you show us how you are configuring that screen and that specific link component/button?

Does it show in the builder?

Do you use a custom link (as in you type the URL in there) or do you reference a column in your data?

Thank you for your response. I hope these screenshots help. I tried using the button component and also the link component. I also tried using the custom link as well as a reference column (as is shown in the screenshot) and action text.

It shows in the builder, but does not show on the published app. The button is not visible.

I feel like there is something that I have mistakenly done that is preventing it from showing up as it did before, I just cannot figure out what happened.

Is your Resource Links column set up as user specific?

It is… Although I am not sure why I did that… Let me see what happens if I create another column without it being user specific.

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I’m guessing that’s it then. I can’t tell if you are signed in or not when you visit the app on your phone. If you aren’t signed in then that column will definitely be empty and never retain values after you close the app. If you are signed in then it’s only specific to the signed in user that filled that column, so if you are not visiting the app as the same user that originally filled the urls, then it will still be empty.


Hmmm… right… I get your point… I use different accounts to see the app from different points of access… I never considered that could affect anything… let me go retrace my steps. THANK YOU for the feedback.

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:pray:t5:Thank you so much… That was exactly the problem. I knew it had to be something simple because it worked before. I will be more mindful in the future. Much gratitude to you.

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