How can I make my links pretty?

Hi all,

I have a tab on my app that links to a webpage. In Google Sheets the url is in a properly labeled column. When I add text to the link “this webpage X” over “http://www.gobblygoopjldfaojfdfldjfo;xl;ejw/,fasml;jo;j v.comnot a real link :laughing:
the link doesn’t work in the app. Only when I leave the link naked in Google Sheets will it work in the app.

Is there a way to fix this by adding the “This webpage X” text somewhere in the app? Without some type of fix the entry in the app shows the long ugly url.

Thanks for any solutions offered!

What component are you using to display the URL??

It seems like what you need here is a combo of third-part URL-shortening solution plus a template column.

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Action Text.

I was thinking about a link shortening tool if there isn’t an in app solution.

Is there a better component to choose from?

Thank you!


That was the trick! I switched to a Link component. Now I can use a Caption Title to make it clean.


Ok ThinhDinh,

Do you have a suggestion for this one? Is there a way to change the icon associated with the Link component? When I use action text I can add the icon I want to indicated the link is for directions. That option isn’t available when using the Link component.

Hi @SRblackbird,

Not sure about changing the icon on the Link component! That will be a feature request or maybe with some CSS. But you can still do this with the Action Text component! Did I get you correctly?

Thank you

Yeah, I think this is the correct way to do it while keeping the look of the “link” component, unless @SRblackbird wants to have the short link in there as well.

Another option could be to create an HTML a href link using a template column and then place it into a rich text component.


Thabk you all. For now I’ve left it as a link and it works well and looks clean. I may experiment with your suggestions.