Make basic text component have a link

I’m trying to build an app that describes different tools I have and then when you get to the tool, an inline list finds all the available video resources on how to use it. It all works beautifully except that the links are all shown as text and you can’t click them to view the resources.

Any ideas?

  • I tried a lookup to pull the data into the right sheet, but I can’t see the column to add it.
  • I tried an array formula text join to pull the list of links comma separated into the sheet, but in the app it only shows the first video
  • I tried using <a href … in the cell instead of just the link

You need to change the click Action for the component.

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I swear to you that this morning there was no action option for the inline list! How did I miss that! It’s all working now, thank you!

I think we’ve all done a bit of swearing during our learning process.