Hyperlinks outside of app

Can I have a hyperlinks column in my sheet with one word/sentence hyperlink for each cell that shows up as a hyperlinked word/sentence on my app that users could click on to open their browser to view? These links would be outside of the app.

If you use Rich Text components you can have your links in cells that look like this:

[Click here for the link](https://google.com)

Click here for the link

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Also an option

Thank you, but I am still struggling with this. Very sorry. I have links in my sheet. You say that I should use Rich Text components, but how do you switch from what glide reads from basic text to rich text? I added a link component, but it does not go to the link (get an error message) even though I can reach the link on the via the sheet. Anyway, I am just slow. I watch the tutorials but they move too fast for someone who is learning. Whatever advice you have would be great. THANKS.

You can remove and add components. If you don’t want to use the basic text component, then delete it and add a rich text component instead. What do you have in your cell that contains your link?

Thank you. Here is an example of what one of my links says in the sheet:

=HYPERLINK(“https://www.cbo.gov/system/files/2020-04/hr266.pdf","Get To Estimate Here”)

Just put the URL alone in the cell. That extra formula is just to make it look nice inside the sheet. It’s not being recognized as a link with that extra stuff around it.

That was it. I did not realize that you had to just have the URL there and nothing else. THANKS!

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