Favorites only option to make a button

My app’s URL: m1l6i.glideapp.io

I am totally new to this but I don’t see an option to make my links turn into actual buttons of links. When I scroll down to the word “Button” my only option is “Favorites”. All my links and data is in there but nothing is linking or opening anything up.
Thank you!

Can you explain a little more where you are trying to do this in your app? It sounds like you are trying to create a button link on the tiles in your app. If that’s correct, then that is not possible. You would be better off clicking on the tile to open the details for that item. Then placing a button or link component on the details screen for that item.

Hi Jeff,
So I have all the links in my sheet and on the screen, however when you click on them nothing shows up to link anything. I have no button option-

You are just showing the feature tab not the components. Also show us a screenshot of the data. A component will not show in the screen if there is no data in the cell.

I got it to work as a link to my Youtube Channel but not to the other document links

You still aren’t showing us the components. If you only have a Title component, it does not have an action to it. Meaning when you click on it nothing will happen. You need to add a Link component or another component that you can select and action on the Features tab.