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Today the component Button doesn’t work.
When I choose Open Link the button disappear from the cell.
I have the same bug with the component link.
Someone have the same bug? Or do you have any solution?

Do you have any screenshots or a video? What do you mean by the button disappears from the cell?

Now it works. It was just a bug during few hours.
When I added the button I could see it on the cell’s screen. But when I changed the features to Open link, the button was no more on the cell’s screen.
Sorry English is not easy for me. :wink:

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I get this bug too (now). I create a button - and I see the default ‘Go’. Then I change the action to ‘open link’ - and the button vanishes.

Does the button have a valid link to point to? If the column is empty, it’s probably going to hide the component.

It might be the Row Owner issue again. The link I am trying to display is a template (start URL + rowID - to make a chat room on the fly). I see the data in the Data Editor… but is it Row Owners that is not letting me show it in the component?

I can see data in the Data Editor - but nada in the component…

You are in a form. Where are you pulling the value from if you haven’t written one yet? Is CollectTest the form response sheet, or the parent sheet holding the firm5 button?

I start the process by clicking on the Ready to Start button (Show Form - opens the CollectTest sheet)
then I am in the form… but the row is empty - even if I am setting values like email, etc. The button will even save… but then I do not get the email in for whatever weird reason.

I am in a crunch this week with a system to deliver (mostly) by Friday - happy to engage more properly to get the help to complete. @Darren_Murphy has been stellar with components of the system, but each good bit then opens up the chance for the next bit to go wrong!

Can you record the whole process including the data flow? How does it record, what is the original sheet, what is the destination sheet, what are the fields you want to record etc.? Thanks Mark.

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