Making links active

Hello, I am new and working on my first glide app. I am having an issue with the links on my third sheet not acting as links (just text). The links work fine on my first two sheets, but not on the third. I am not finding a way to add a link component. It is not showing as an option.

Are you saying that you can’t add link component? Is it not visible when you click on the Add Component button? Are you on a Detail style layout? Do you have any screenshots?

I’m not even seeing an add component button. On the first two pages, glide automatically created Clickable links for me from the links on my sheet. On the third page, it is showing the links, but they are just text.

You don’t see this? Glide only makes a best guess to get you started. You need to then change and modify components to get what you want.

Click to open the full image

Glide does also let you change the action of certain components, so you can keep the basic text component, but change the action to a link. However, I would get familiar with components the first way I showed you.

That solved it for me! Thank you very much for taking time to help me!

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