Www- links?

I am a glide senior-beginner and very interested in coding. I started a new glide and opened a google spreadsheet I had made in advance. Now there is a problem when the web links are not activated even though I have marked them in the column. There are 4 columns in the table? Please?

ps. I am very interesting Glide, my problem is english language.


Hola @mandat

What do you mean by the web link being activated?

Greetings Santiago!

I am the kind of senior teacher who wants to try and explore Glide. First, I want to create my own small app in all its simplicity. I went to the glide and opened a “new app” where I followed the instructions. I attached my own previously created Google spreadsheet where one column was web addresses. The table worked but I can’t get these web addresses activated at all? I will also enclose a couple of attachments. This should be just the basic thing, but I don’t understand why it doesn’t work?
I didn’t get the attachment included ??

Are you displaying it using a Link Component?

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Hey @mandat

What @Darren_Murphy :point_up_2:t6:said. You need a link component to display web links.

Hola Santiago !

I still have a problem with that web link? Can I somehow put an attachment here so maybe it would work out better?

It would help to have screenshots to understand what you are seeing and what your problem is. It’s not clear to me what you mean by “activated”.

If you use windows, you can use the snipping tool, or just use alt+print screen, or just print screen and copy/paste your screenshot onto the forum.

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Hi, I can take the capture myself, but the question was, how can I send it to you as an attachment?

Just paste it in the forum where you type your message.

Hey Jeff still please, this is just the core question, how do i send the file ???

Liitin kuvan ???

Ok, now i got according to the picture? I’ll put another picture. The picture shows how a google spreadsheet has a web address, but it doesn’t work in the glide?

more pictures ?

It doesn’t appear that you are using a link component. Have tried a Link component? Or an Action Text component with the action set to open link?

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Hey everybody !
The missing part / problem was that PLAY MODE must be on !!! None of the beginner’s instructions tell? Time passed in this investigation, but interest only increased. Glide feels pretty good. Sometimes that spreadsheet update is overdue. Thanks to everyone for trying to help the beginner. I couldn’t really describe my problem.
When you start exploring this program from scratch, would you also like beginner instructions that are at the same level? Can’t those videos be clear and they’re too fast?
Can I take pictures out of those of my queries so it doesn’t take up space?

Please still … can anyone tell me which template could be suitable for my exercise ?? So I wouldn’t have to start from scratch?

What type of app are you building?

Contains lots of links !? You see the pictures above? The picture shows the front page from which you can still select …? There is google sheet too… !