Open Link action not available at all?

I was out of Glide for few years and now back switched to Glide pages and plenty of new things.

I am trying to add a simple URL on button click within my App, but cannot find that action neither on components nor in actions.

Tried searching different topics, but couldn’t find anything that says action is not available anymore. Even in Glide documentation, there is a video and tutorial about Open Link?

Very confused.

I only found URL component, but this is not what I need as I need to perform multiple actions within button click (including open link action)

This is showing up when you search the actions?

Which view/form you are in?

I am in details view?

Which plan you use?

This particular screenshot is from a free plan. I got to it through the action editor since you mentioned you want to string multiple actions together. Also Checked with just a single button action on a detail screen, as well as a button inside of a form. Shouldn’t be anything preventing the Open Link action from being accessible.

Can you show where you are trying to add the action?

Components are visual elements. Actions happen when a component is clicked on. Some components are compatible with actions, others are not.

Components compatible with actions

The components are the visual elements you add to a screen to build it out. This is done in the Layout Editor. Not all components are compatible with actions. Components compatible with actions are:

  • All title components
  • All collection components
  • The map component which is categorized as a content component but could also be considered a collection.
  • Some text components: hint and rich text
  • Some content components: image and audio recorder (and map)
  • All actions components: button, link, action row, rating, contact

Actions to navigate to a URL

You can associate to the components above either a simple action from the action tab in the Layout Editor, or a custom action with multiple sequences you can build in the Action Editor.

Glide offers a lot of actions. Actions are grouped into 6 categories for 6 general categories of things than can happen:

  1. “Navigation” when the user is sent somewhere
  2. “Data” when something happens in the tables of data
  3. “Interaction” when the screen interacts with the user by displaying a sound or message for instance
  4. “Communication” to send a message
  5. “AI” to trigger Glide’s AI
  6. “Integrations” to trigger a 3rd party tool

As Jeff suggested, the action you are looking for is “Open Link”. It is located in the “Navigation” group of actions, and as the name suggests, the action allows the user to open a link.


I found it now. I swear it wasn’t there for some reason. Too tired now to analyze the reason. Will try digging into this more tomorrow. Thank you Gliders!


I’m not sure 100%, but I think a component will not display if the action associated to it cannot trigger. So perhaps the URL data was empty, so “Open link” could not trigger, so the component was not displaying? I haven’t tested it, but maybe that was the issue.