Error: open link don't work inside custom action

simple open link - work

in custom action i have a tree: checking the state and then several action.
all of them work, but “open link” - just black screen. (like there no any web request)

checking state - not affect the problem. my other custom action without it. “open link” - is black

only if “open link” is first in row of action - it work. if before it any other function (other action or check state) - black screen

please check it.

it works… what are you using Apps or Pages?
changing the order of action might result in changing references. Analyze step by step where your link is at the moment of request.
Note: Glide has a glitch on custom actions… sometimes it doesn’t save or save both edits, deleting and redoing the whole action will fix the problem.

i use App

redoing whole action didn’t help

can you show a screenshot of that action? the whole tree… try to set values with that link somewhere to see if is the same or maybe empty…

both this situation - not work
“set column” - work

set columns with that link, shows the correct link?
Add a temporary column to test it… are you opening in a new browser or web view?

nice try to check!!!

unfortunatelly - yes. set column write link that i try to open, but “open link” give black screen

can you share the link you using? is that constructed link or a regular web?

it does not matter. i try different links. same behavior:
if “open link” just the first action - it work. otherwith - no

hmmm… did you try in a new App?

what do you mean?
rebuild whole app? :exploding_head:

no… just make a testing App like this:

click the open link button… you’ll see it works

are you sure the go-back action is valid? you might be on the first page…

not work in new app.

my link that open properly from simple “open link” and from “open link” in custom action if it first function:

Формат: Баттл

Стили: All Style, Electro, Kids

Инстаграмм: matè ninja on Instagram: "18.12.22 наш любимый, мощнейший и атмосферный баттл возвращается! 🌪 СЕВЕР DANCE FOREVER second edition @mateblessyou @igorrudnik @reshetnikovaofficial баттлы в пяти номинациях - electro kids (до 12ти лет) - electro open to all (без возрастных ограничений) - electro TOP8 - all styles beginners - all styles pro призовой фонд 75.000 рублей подробная информация и регистрация появятся здесь совсем скоро stay tuned как говорится ⚡️ дизайн @ch_trngl"

&location=г. Москва
target=“”_blank"" rel=““nofollow””>Add to my calendar"

it does not matter. other custom action don’t have a “back” and also not work

oh… now you talking! lol. you probably losing parameters… check if all parameters are correct


when you are doing an action before opening the link… parameters might change to invalid… save the link as the last action, and click that saved link…
but you said that you can’t open any link? even are you opening web view or browser?

oh. please read carefuly:
this link open right, if it just first in action.
but if i check a state (is it in favorite for example) - it’s not open. there are no any action with link.
and other check: after it i write that link in “set value” - it’s right, no any changes

sorry just google - open in all that case.
i try to open in browser