Open Link action in Images

Hi everybody! :slightly_smiling_face:
All images in my apps that contain the Open Link Action have stopped working.
Interesting that inside Glide it works, but not on mobile…
And the same links on buttons work normally
Can you guys check it please?

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I checked a link component in my app and it opens. I realize you’re using images but the link action is same. Double check the link target and make sure it’s still pointing to the right place?

Hi Deena, it happened with more than one image, with different links.
Today they are back to working properly.
It may have been a temporary bug or a long delay in updating the app information.
Anyway, here’s the tip for those who use links in images, because I had many complaints from customers because of that on Friday …
I will follow this better and if it happens again I will try to replace this image action with another way.
Thank you! :grinning: