Images dont appear bug

My app’s URL:

I have a Custom Action that Opens External Link on Click, and then returns to View List Details.

However on Mobile, when you hit the back button on from the external link, none of the images are displayed. If I hit refresh, they then appear.

After additional testing, the images appear correctly if I launch the app from my phones homescreen, but not if I go through the URL via web browser. Tried Safari, Instagram and Chrome and all do the same thing. Desktop ans iPad appear to work fine.

Also appears that the images fail to load before it opens the external link, thus why the images dont appear when the user clicks back to View Details.

For me it works perfectly on Android/Chrome. When I click on a blog, it opens the external link. Then the back button bring me back into the app with the details screen to review that blog. In some cases, not all the time, it’s almost as if the app pauses the action steps until I return to the app.

Have you tried a web view (action or component) instead of Open Link? What happens if you put the View Details action before the Open Link action?

Hi Jeff,

I just tried doing View Details first and then Open Link, and still same issue when I use iPhone/Chrome & Safari. Also I chose Open Link as Webview doesn’t always work for all the blog sites. And yea it appears because the images load last (or not fast enough), the app stops loading when the Open Link Action executes. All images have been uploaded to Glide.

I’m not sure what you could do there. It’s probably the way IOS handles things compared to Android. The idea is slick and I’d hate to tell you to change your flow, but sometimes the actions run too fast. If we had a way to set a wait timer, then that would maybe help, but until then, I’m not sure what you could do to fix it. Maybe an intermediate screen that is very basic and they have to click to continue to the details screen. Or maybe just simplify the details screen without images.

Or for something off the wall to try… create a multiple self relation that links each blog post back to itself. Then create an inline list in a Tile layout to display your image. I do that a lot because I like the design flexibility of using a Tile or Card in place of a Title or Image component.

Yea very weird. I have a “read article button” in the View Details screen that launches the External Blog Link, but I wanted to reduce a click by launching the article first. I guess I’ll revert back to the way I originally had it. Thanks for looking into it!

I just added another paragraph to my previous post.

If I understand you correctly, instead of using an Image Component, make it a Tile via Inline List that only shows that specific post, so it looks like an image?

I have an inline list at the bottom already that shows all other posts from the same author, shown in a tile format, but those also don’t load for me.

OK, then it that case it probably won’t work. Just a last ditch thought for something to try.